Spotify’s soon to be released first piece of hardware; a voice assistant for the cars

Car Thing; it is the name of the Spotify’s first ever piece of hardware which is also their first voice-controlled piece of plug-in smart device.

Earlier on Friday, Spotify said in a blog post that the music streaming service giant that their new piece of hardware is going to be able to play not only music but also podcasts. The service will be given for testing to a small number of the Spotify’ Premium Users residing in the USA.

Spotify also cited in their statement that the Car Thing will soon be joined by other pieces of hardware that are soon to be released too named “Voice Thing” and the “Home Thing”.

The news was released by the company in a Blog post and the spokesperson from Spotify did not care to elaborate any more on the details.

How will it work?

Although the working of the new device has not been revealed by Spotify itself, tech media groups have looked into it. When major tech media revealed that the device will be able to play its service through Bluetooth and will be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of the car. In order to activate the device, the user will have to say the following command, “Hey, Spotify”.

According to Spotify, the device is only being presented for testing and still, their main focus is on being an audio streaming platform instead of being a hardware one. This is probably for the best because Spotify if decides to tap into the car audio market, is going to face a huge competition.

Other Competitors:-

Apart from Spotify, tech giants like Google and Amazon have now also synced their user’s phones with their new infotainment systems. Recently, Google announced the news about its “Drive Mode” for the users with Android phones as well as other third-party plug-in devices. As for Amazon, it presented its “Echo Auto”.

According to a market research firm report, they revealed that by the end of 2023, nearly 20 million cars will have a built-in vehicle voice assistant.

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