Study the Great Nation, the Chinese indoctrination app has been downloaded more than the Gmail

It seems that the indoctrination app from the Chinese Communist Party is pretty popular right now of the Google app store.

The name of the app is “Study The Great Nation” which is currently available on the app store and after downloading it, it allows its users to spend hours of their days learning about the Great Chinese Leader. They can take quizzes on the app to portray their devotion to their Great Leader as well as read the famous quotes of their beloved Great Leader.

According to the analytical report from the analytic company named SensorTower, the app is currently ranked as the 9th most popular app in the world which does not include Apple apps.

The app has earlier been dubbed by the New York Times in the following words, “a kind of the high-tech equivalent of Mao’s Little Red Book”. Currently, the app is being enforced by the Chinese on their employees as well s students by their employers and their teachers. Since the enforcing, the app has been downloaded on the App store far more times as compared tot eh Gmail app for the first quarter of 2019.

The creators behind the app are the Publicity Department members of the Communist Party of China.

Rewards on doing certain tasks:-

According to a description of the ‘Study the Great Nation’ app which has been translated from Google Translator states that users who learn from the app will be granted points. Points will also be awarded on the following tasks.

  • Logging into the app daily
  • Browsing the app
  • Answering questions by the app
  • Sharing the app with other people

Consequences of not getting points:-

According to New York Times report, if anyone does not get points they are in for serious trouble as many employers have threatened their employees that if they do not get points they will be fired from their jobs.

Privacy Information to be submitted for app download:-

The privacy policy of the app states that in order for a user to access all the features of the app, they must provide the following details.

  • Mobile phone number
  • ID Card information
  • Industry type
  • Basic information such as their job title, their birthday, their gender as well as a corporate authentication email

According to the reports of both Chinese media and the New York Times, the app has been downloaded for more than 100 million times in the past quarter of 2019.

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