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The Touryst; An open-world, bite-sized vacation game

It can be a really difficult thing to play video games when you only have a few hours per week of video game time. But now we give you a game title that will surely be finished over the weekend.

The name of this new game is “The Touryst” which is a new touch in the genre of the open-world game which had a game like Assassin Creed and Infamous. The Touryst is going to scratch your itch to finish a game within a limited time period.

The Touryst happens to be an adventure/ platform game that lets the gamers play as a tourist who is visiting the archipelago of islands that are similar to that of Pacific’s islands. Once there, players can relax on the beach while sunbathing, attend the sunset dance, do parties, go on scuba diving, visiting the jazz clubs, go spelunking for the diamonds or you can investigate the mystery of the ancient ruins of aliens present on each of these islands.

Solving the alien ruins’ mysteries is the part of the main quest of The Touryst and how it will progress. Talking gameplay-wise, these ruins offer the players with a set of challenges and puzzles set across many rooms with each having its own base.

Some of the puzzle rooms on The Touryst require precision gaming but still, most of these puzzle rooms can be cleared with the trick based system. A gamers’ progress in The Touryst can be measured with completion of these ruin mysteries but still be able to take part in many of the open-world gameplay that will have a vacation like activities.

While The Touryst might not be called technically an open-world game but the presence of many activities does give it a feel of one. These vocational activities are made more game-like with the mission and their completion.

In short, The Touryst might have been a simple puzzle game but the theme of the open-world-like platform for activities and exploration gives it a feel of visiting new places while dressing place-appropriate. This gives the gamers a feel of playing a game where they stumble upon mysteries and adventures while on a vacation.

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