Google Stadia ‘founders’ are able to give three-month free trial to a single friend with Buddy Pass

The launch of the Google Stadia was not that stellar as the company might have hoped for which leaves users with 130 dollars worth Founder’s Edition paying for a beta version without any features that goggle had promised them at the debut.


Still, Google is making amends for the early adopters with a 2nd Buddy Pass which is currently present in the inboxes of Google Stadia Founder.

What Is Google Stadia’s Buddy Pass:-

Basically, the Buddy Pass from Google Stadia is free of cost 3-month Stadia Pro subscription which a user can use on their Pixel Phone or the Chrome browser. This pass will give the user access to the copy of game title Destiny 2 that users can play with their friend if they have an excellent Wi-Fi connection.


The Buddy Pass will also let users play the game titles such as Tomb Raider, Farming Simulator 19 and Samurai Showdown; all for free as these games are added on the Pro Subscription. The Pro subscription lets the players have access to these game titles as long as a player is signed up.

This new freebie from Google is only to redeem its failure of the Google Stadia launch. The response of the audience about Google Stadia is mixed with both frustration and surprise. The surprise is about how cloud gaming actually works and the frustration as Google is not being careful and communicative during the launch of Google Stadia. Some people are worried as to why there were no Stadia logos during the trailers of “The Game Awards” even for the games such as the Cyberpunk 2017 and Doom Eternal which were confirmed for this platform.

Frustration among general consumers rose when Google placed the blame on the developers for the issue of graphical fidelity on Stadia. The reason because it was Google that had promised these games not the developers that the games will be running at the high graphical fidelity on the platform.

Still, everyone is hoping that things will turn out to be better when the Google Stadia will become a free service in 2020 when players will only need to pay for games instead of first paying for a Founder’s kit and the monthly subscription.

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