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Hilariously Awkward Celebrity Encounters

Today everyone has their own celebrity idol that they love dearly and hope to one day meet them while strutting around in streets. But have you ever considered as to what you will do when one day you will actually bump into them or spot them walking down the streets? Are you going to run while hysterically crying and ask them to give you their autographs either on paper and if you don’t have paper on your clothing or even on the body? Or are you going to pose in awkward styles after spending a lot of money for a simple meet and greet and a Selfie? Today we present to you a list of such fans who happened o meet their own favourite celebrities and had some real awkwardly hilarious moments with them and fortunately for us they were caught on camera. Scroll down to look for yourself these few of the hilarious and awkward celebrity encounters by diehard fans.

Kim Kardashian is the Queen of selfies

Poor Nicolas Cage only wanted some shut eye on plane

Britney and his fan seems very close

Bill Murray is sticking to policy “If you can’t beat em; Join em”

John Stewart was not feeling like a Peace Trooper

Khloe Kardashian’s new BFF

Every fan girl who meets Alexander Skarsgard

Cross-eyed Elmo caught by fans in streets

Elijah Wood is so not digging this fan

Stephen King and Stephen Colbert might be in matching clothes but their feelings sure do not match up

Only one person is happy in this dance photo and it’s not Katy Perry

Steven Tyler has clearly no idea what is going on

Awkward kiss for a fan by Russell Brand

Leonardo; “Get up dude people are going to question me later”

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