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Photos that will make you feel much smarter

Doing dumb things is not specifically associated with having education. Sometimes even people with some decent education end up doing the dumbest possible things in their daily life. We are not simply talking about dumb things but the unspeakable dumb things that even doing them as an excuse are not worth an excuse.

While some might say that life is short do make dumb choices to learn from them. Some people take this saying a little too literally and they make some painfully dumb choices. These following people have actually decided to make some really dumb choices. Seeing their dumb acts you will actually feel a lot better and smarter about yourself.

These following pictures are not only dumb but are also extremely hilarious that you won’t even believe that even grown person can do something this stupid. Scroll down to see for yourself these photos that will make you feel much smarter.

She is going to be a future Nobel Laureate

Nobel Laureate

Living the phrase; Stuck in the middle with you


The dumbbell who forgot to photoshop the mirror behind in this picture


Kind sir, Get yourself a brain first

brain first

Do not cry over spilt ‘Beer’




It’s actually a cigarette in her hand!!!


Rainy day; lets wash the car

Rainy day

They actually named themselves “marker bandits”

marker bandits

Whatever Floats Your Boat Man

Boat Man

I think my head is on fire


Can You Ear Me Now?

Ear Me Now

Watch Out for the Mama Bear

Mama Bear

Fiery Crotch

Fiery Crotch

Did Tesla invent an Electric Bus?!

Electric Bus

Thong on so Many Levels


The future Honor Roll student

Roll student

Sunday is best with beer and Ahhh….TV in swimming pool……??!!!

swimming pool

Lights, Camera, Fail


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