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William Moldt went missing more than 2 decades ago and someone recently found his car lying in a pond on the Google Maps

Back in 1997, a missing person’s case was reported but now after 22 years, this case has finally been solved thanks to Google Maps.

One Google Maps user was using the satellite imagery feature provided by the Google maps app on their phone when they discovered one very vague image of a car that was submerged in a pond located in Wellington, Florida. The person informed the authorities and when they excavated the car out of the pond, skeletal remains of a person were discovered inside the calcified car.

The name of the man was William Moldt, who was 40 years old at the time when he went missing. The man went missing on the date of 7th November 1997. Before he went missing, Moldt called his girlfriend and told her that he was on the way back to the house from the nightclub. However, he was never heard from or seen again after that night.

Fast-forwarding to August 28th, 2019 a man named Barry Fay who lives in a gated community of Grand Isles located in Wellington, one day received a call from his next-door neighbor. The ex-husband of his neighbor called him saying that he has noticed a car which was submerged in the pond which is situated behind Fay’s house during the time when the neighbor was seeing the area with satellite imagery of Google Maps.

The neighbor’s ex-husband was still conflicted and decided to check the area with a  drone and then after getting sure of the car, he called Fay., if he knew about the vehicle or not. According to Fay, he was shocked and called the police immediately.

According to the statement released by the Sheriff’s Department of the Palm Beach County, states as follows,

“Upon arrival deputies confirmed there was a vehicle in the pond. The vehicle’s exterior was heavily calcified and was obviously in the water for a significant amount of time. Upon removing the vehicle skeleton remains were found inside.”

The Google Maps’ images from the scene show the 1994’s Saturn SL submerged in pond water. The car has been visible since 2007 via the satellite imagery of Google maps but was not noticed until 2019.

The body was then confirmed on September 9th, 2019 of William Moldt.

At the time when Moldt went missing, the Grand Isles, housing society was still under developmental stages. Police said that they are uncertain as to whether they will ever find the cause why Moldt ended up in the pond with his car.

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