Lyft offers its drivers to take Duolingo language courses for free

Lyft is definitely taking a step forward in increasing the perks of its drivers which is a move similar to Uber.


Back in 2018, Uber started to offer their loyal and hard performing drivers with a perk to get free tuition for the online courses to get a degree from Arizona State University. Following the same trend, Lyft, the major competitor of Uber in the US and Canada, has also decided to offer its drivers with a chance to get free extra-curricular education.

Uber Lyft

Courses offered by Lyft:-

Lyft Courses

Earlier in June, Lyft started offering its high performing drivers language course on the famed language learning app; Duolingo.

Duolingo Plus:-

Duolingo Plus

Lyft drivers working in the following cities will be able to sign up for a free account through their Lyft app to a free version of Duolingo named Duolingo Plus.

  • Seattle
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • New York City
  • New Jersey

Duolingo Plus is a premium version of the app that normally costs 7 dollars per month for their 80 courses on more than 30 languages.

Duolingo Plus

After the drivers who complete their English learning course on Duolingo, they will be awarded a digital certification for being used as a Proof of Proficiency and Authenticity. This proof can then be accepted in nearly 500 of the universities as well as for job opportunities in the US.


Nearly 90 percent of the Lyft drivers work less than 20 hours per week due to them pursuing better-paying jobs and their education goals.

National Immigration Forum program:-

Lyft also offers the sign up for the online and in-person class of the National Immigration Forum program known as the “Skills and Opportunity for the New American Workforce”. This program is for a period of six weeks to learning the English language.

After the completion of this instructor-led course, drivers will be awarded certificates for completion.

Both ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft treat their drivers as their independent workforce and so they do not have the perks such as health insurance, sick days or any other such benefits. However, these drivers still have access to other perks such as this language learning courses along with other rewards.

National Immigration Forum

Lyft drivers, who plan on taking this free course, they need to complete at least 30 rides in the last 30 days.

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